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Team sports are, always, a process of give-and-take. Our coaches commit to giving o you 100% of what we owe our players. In return, we ask only that our players give your team, 100%, as well. Our philosophy at CVU Baseball is that a coach's obligation to the program is as follows.

Provide an environment that allows each player to grow as an athlete and member of society.
Teach the game of baseball and the game of life. 
Develop the program into a model that is second to none. 
Role model effort, commitment, loyalty, self-motivation, and integrity.
Allow each player the opportunity to become an independent thinker; enable them to play and "think the game," one pitch at a time. 

Similarly, develop a unified "team mind" that experiences, engages, and overcomes the season's challenges together. Provide players with the opportunity to achieve both personal and team goals.

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